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What you can find in the site

This website tells the story of the life of Mike Parkes, best known as development engineer and racing driver for Ferrari in the 1960s.

It covers the whole of his career: his first job as a development engineer on the Imp car at the Rootes Group; his early racing experience in vintage, saloon and F2 cars in England; his racing for Equipe Endeavour and Maranello Concessionaires; his years at SEFAC Ferrari as development engineer and racing driver in the works team; and his work after leaving Ferrari as manager and racing driver for Scuderia Filipinetti and then development engineer for the Lancia Stratos Rally Team.

Content and sources

The site includes a biography, an album of over 100 photos, a race chronology, and a bibliography.

It draws on a range of sources: books and articles, interviews with friends and colleagues, Mike’s diaries and letters, and his personal archive of photos.


The site was created by Mike’s brother and sister, John and Annabel Parkes, who have unique access to the personal sources listed above.

Navigating and printing

The navigation bar on the left of the screen lists all the sections of the site, including both text and photographs.

Within each section of text there are links to the relevant photos and to the race chronology, so you can surf back and forth. The photo galleries are linked in a chronological sequence for those who just want to look at the photos.

The navigation bar also includes a search facility which will find all the pages containing a chosen name or keyword. Further searching can be done using your browser’s search facility (Ctrl/F).

Your comments

The authors would be glad to receive any contributions from friends, colleagues or journalists who remember Mike and can add further information, memories or anecdotes to this history. Any comments or enquiries should be addressed to:

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